Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OVIS AURUM - Nocturnal Pools - FEF48

Based in Austin, TX, Ovis Aurum is also a member of duos Boa (with BAT) and Ixtab (with Blood Room), and has released music on labels such as Tymbal Tapes and Seagrave. 
Nocturnal Pools consists of deeply atmospheric, understated but vividly tactile electronics, evoking urban spaces both overpopulated and abandoned. 

Side 1 
1. Telburna Dunes (6:33) 
2. Nature Is Not Your Friend (6:59) 
3. Disperss (4:16) 
4. Nocturnal Pools (6:43) 

Side 2 
1. Pink Dream (4:09) 
2. Form Perfect (6:36) 
3. Local Weather (4:01) 
4. Aurifer (7:15) 

Written / recorded by Gary James Geiler 
Cover photo by Gavin Prior
Gratitude to Paul, Kev, Tim 
For Wilda, Jessie, Arthur, Val, Tex, CH, MB, Stub


The Cube of Unknowing is an alter-ego of Francis Heery, a composer and sound artist currently based in Berlin. Burren Mount takes its name and inspiration from a mysterious, anachronous, semi-abandoned hotel overlooking the waterfront in Salthill, Galway.

Conceived as a partly-decomposed mixtape, the album weaves together tattered fragments of dissolving synths, blurred rhythms and other sonic visitations.

The result evokes the romanticism of late night end-credits, displaced soundtracks, straight-to-video erotica, unidentified radio transmissions and covert experiments in the basement of the local ESB station... 

Side 1
Tonabrocky (2:10) / Offshore (part i) (3:14) / untitled I (1:56) / Sites and Fibre / Network (1:50) / untitled ii (1:00) / thunder storm – S.M. – Pylons (4:38) / Grass Verge (2:58) / untitled iii (1:39) / International Technologies (1:45) / “…know that story…” (0:40)

Side 2
Offshore (part ii) (2:13) / Kon – Tiki (2:35) / untitled iv (2:22) / Seapoint (1:50) / This Must Be The Place (2:20) / Verhoeven (3:20) / A New Mystery (0:57) / …white visitation… (3:09) / untitled v (2:49)

Written and produced by Francis Heery, Munich, 2015 
Photography by Declan Kelly 

GAVIN PRIOR - Clusters - FEF46

Gavin Prior is a member of Primal Barber Trio and veteran of Toymonger and United Bible Studies. Clusters arrives in the wake of his guitar and field recording-based CD All Who Wander (Cambrian Records / Deserted Village) but is very different, a rigorously focused work recalling Xenakis and Radigue.
"These compositions began as improvisations on an everyday digital piano with a few standard voices including organ and harpsichord.The pieces were recorded using a loop pedal and editing to stack clusters upon clusters, creating textures and layers of dissonance which would have been impossible to have performed live. These pieces are an attempt to create unsettling soundscapes using 'musical' rather than 'noise' material. Loop pedals are usually used for metric rather than textured musics and can become a crutch. This music grew from a desire to exploit other possibilities for live looping." 

Side 1    一 (3:55)    二 (5:10)    三 (4:40)

Side 2    四 (5:16)    五 (5:58)

Gavin Prior: DL4, Feedback Loops, Melodica, Oscillators, Roland HP 237E 

Thanks to Austin & Darina Prior

TAKAHIRO MUKAI - Aqueous Ammonia - FEF45

Since 2014, the addictive, idiosyncratic minimal techno of Osaka's Takahiro Mukai has emerged via a steady flow of cassettes on various labels. With sequential numbering of tracks across releases, each tape seems like a bulletin in an ongoing experimental process. Each track consists of elemental synths carefully balanced against each other to form immaculate prismatic structures. 

#185    (4:07)
#186    (3:53)
#187    (3:21)

#188    (3:45)
#189    (4:03)
#190    (4:21)

Cover art by Jospeh Kielthy

Monday, November 23, 2015


A trio of brothers from Co. Wexford (who also perform in synth/drone vehicle mvestle), Síoraí Geimhreadh are now in their tenth year of obscure existence. Beginning as a black metal outfit, their current sound is informed by doom and noise rock, but beholden to their own experimental impulses rather than any genre norms.

This release consists of two subtly different versions of the same half-hour piece based around a doggedly-repeated, glacially-paced riff and an eliptical, Beckettian text. The results lie somewhere between the sustained bleakness of Khanate and the more skeletal side of Fushitsusha's output.  

Cassette edition of 100, including printed lyrics and download, or download only.

Side 1 - Not a Room    (31:02)
Side 2 - Also Not a Room    (31:12)

GEORGE WORRALL - Changing Tenses - FEF43

Though rooted in bluegrass and blues influences, the music of Co. Dublin's George Worrall has evolved into a highly idiosyncratic style, with oddly aphoristic lyrics following meandering guitar and banjo melodies. Worrall's understated and unaffected delivery make for disarming directness and intimacy.

Available on cassette in an edition of 75 including lyric insert and download, or as a download only.

Side 1
1) Bottom of the Sea (3.47)
2) Play the Piano (3.54)
3) The Last Lines (4.29)
4) The Better Part of the Night (3.56)

Side 2
1) Entirety (3.10)
2) Con Away (2.04)
3) Build a Rome (2.52)
4) My Heart Won't Bleed a Drop (3.04)
5) Messenger (4.45)

All songs written & performed by George Worrall 
1, 2, 5 & 9 recorded by Graham Watson 
3 & 4 recorded by Alan Weldon
6, 7 & 8 recorded by George Worrall

DELPHINE DORA - L'au​-​delà - FEF42

French musician Delphine Dora is prolific both as a solo artist and as a collaborator with the likes of Éloïse Decazes, Aine O’Dwyer, Half Asleep, Bruno Duplant, and Sophie Cooper. 

The songs on L'au-delà are improvised on piano, organ and synth, and feature lyrics collaged from her own writing and other sources, with delay and multitracking creating an especially eerie, dreamlike, sometimes queasily tense atmosphere. It's her darkest, strangest music to date, abounding in emotional and sonic variety and depth.

Cassette edition of 100 with download, or download only

Side 1
1) Jaillissements cathartiques   (7.28)
2) A la dérive   (5.20)
3) L’impossible échappée   (2.14)
4) Kronos  (3.25)
5)Melancholia  (3.58)
6) Interlude  (1.42)

Side 2
1) Primitive State of Terror I   (2.02)
2) Le monde à l’envers   (1.58)
3) Primitive State of Terror II  (1.16)
4) Where My Treasure Is: a Grave   (0.57)
5) Les chevaux de feu   (8.44)
6) L’au-delà   (3.20)
7) Primitive State of Terror III   (1.16)
8) The End   (4.03)

Piano, vocals, organ, synth, effects, samples: Delphine Dora
All tracks composed, recorded, mixed by Delphine Dora during 2014 - 2015